Areas of Our Expertise

At Atronika we understand that your goal is profitable and sustainable operation of your day to day work. As your partner with specific expertise in industry processes we can meet your goals.
When working together, we start with learning the process and analyzing your needs and goals. The next step is to engage in delivering the best, future proof and cost effective solution which satisfies your needs. This is done with our in house experts and partner resources.

We are able to supply engineering and consultancy services across a range of industry disciplines from project conception through to continuous support of delivered and installed systems.

With our automation and software expertise we deliver turnkey solutions in which we are covering the process of design, procurement, installation, start up and commissioning of and entire project.

Process Automation

Automate your processes and increase the production while reducing delivery time

We have experience in

Water Plants and Water Distribution Systems, Steel Pipe Production, Steel Construction Production, Cable Production, Cement Production

Embedded systems

Design and develop custom embedded system, based on your request.

Fulfill your dream

Your dream will come true with the device you always wanted and needed.

Software Development

Resources with knowledge in Java, C/C++, .Net, PHP, Javascript, Angular, Tibco Business Works

Per request, InSource or OutSource

Depending on your request we can offeer project oriented (end to end delivery), InSource or OutSource services


Automation, Telecommunications (Billing, Mediation and CRM), Electronics and Intelligent Systems

We can offer you

Consultancy, Design, Development, Delivery and Operation services within large range of industries

Other services we offer

Our range of services extends beyond just project delivery. As your partner we can collaborate on much larger scale.

Following is a list of other services we can offer in fulfilling your needs and goals.

Why Choose Us

      • Fully dedicated or shared teams of experts
      • Great experience and knowledge in different industries
      • Options for full project delivery, outsource or insource of experts
      • Ease of communication, as most of our experts are fluent in several different languages
      • Tailored support based on your needs

What Client’s Say

The collaboration with Atronika was real refreshment – the professionalism and delivery time from the team has exceeded our wildest expectations.
I strongly recommend the company.
Goce Nakeski, JP Studencica