Atronika | Expert in MAPS

Our experts have great experience working with Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite. We can help you in all phases of your project involving MAPS – design, implementation, deployment and operation.

Life cycle management

As Life Cycle Management starts the day you decide to engineer a new part of your manufacturing process, it is paramount to maintain a solution with increasing returns. Designed to offer a fully integrated management solution, MAPS can significantly reduce life cycle engineering effort and costs, offering savings of up to 50%.

MAPS adds value throughout all the phases of the automation system project, from process design to engineering, development of the control systems, installation, commissioning, start-up and acceptance testing, all the way through to operations, maintenance, repairs and ongoing upgrades. Unlike traditional SCADA programmes, MAPS delivers a tightly integrated SCADA and PLC solution built around pre-configured and tested engineering libraries, with a built-in full suite of diagnostics and maintenance tools and integrated document management capabilities.